Saturday Morning & Boat Trip Photos
Doug Leinweber, Dan Bogue & Rowland Baxendale at Breakfast
Rowland Baxendale, John Clark, & Richard Girouard at Breakfast
Peter Cudahy with Bob and Jerry Plamondon at Breakfast
Jim Mason, Bob McGillen and others at Breakfast
John Legault, Frank Green, Burnie Thorp  and others at Breakfast
Stovin Island Lighthouse
We've got our Lunches
Bob & Jerry enjoying the Cruise
Stovin Island
Casting Off
Leaving Harbour
It's Kind of Rough
Ready to start a Food Fight at Breakfast
Steve Kenny & Francoise, Joe Muscat, & Mel Anthony at Breakfast
Gathering for Breakfast
Paul, Judy and Joan sharing some time together
Bob McGillen & Dawna, Richard Boulianne & his Wife at Breakfast
Dan Mullaly & Doug Leinweber at Breakfast