Friday's Reception
More Guitars and Voices
What's Next
Got It
Bernie's in the Groove
Jack Encouraging Willie
Getting Ready to Sing
Jim Barnes
Willie Tuning Up the Crowd
Warming Up the Crowd
Doug, Paul & Richard Enjoying the Evening
Just Arriving
John Texeira
Frank, Mel & Dave viewing some Memoribilia
Dave, Doug, John & Peter viewing some Memoribilia
Doug and Gord telling Stories
The Old Timers telling their Stories
Steve Kenny & Francoise with Bryan Hurrle and Others
Scott is telling his Stories
Mel and Lorne are in Tune
A piece of the Memorabilia
Peter Yunker, Mike Follis & Dan Mullaly. etc.
Dave Hefferman, Bob Plamondon & Gerard Pettipas
Enjoying the Company
John Burke, Frank Green and Bill Fitzgerald and others
An Old Timer with one of the most recent Grads
Supper was never this good nor the company
Checking out the Memorabilia
Old Friends catching up
Friends from the early 60's
Tom Hoey did make it, though only briefly
Background Vocals
Joe is in the foreground but check out the background